The Aberdare National Park covers the higher areas of the Aberdare Mountain in  central Kenya.

The  Park was opened in 1950 to protect the forested slopes and moors of the Aberdare Mountain Range which is also named “Nyandarua”.

The park offers  different animals like elephant, giant forest hog, black leopard, lions black rhino, black leopard,  colobus monkey, and bongo antelope.

It is also a paradise for birds.

Above the forest is a belt of bamboo, a favourite haunt of the Bongo, a rare  forest antelope.   Other features are the giant alpine varieties of lobelia, groundsel and heather. Ideal for walking, picnics, camping and trout fishing in the rivers.

The park offers multiple of different animals like elephant, lion, black rhino, black leopard, red duiker, colobus monkey, giant forest hog and bongo antelope. It is also a paradise for birds.

The park is rarely visited by safari companies and individual tourists due to its dense forest which makes the game viewing difficult and high rainfal which turns the roads to mudslides.  As a result the park  closes in the wet season.

Thomson’s falls is at the foothill and its waterfalls outside the park.


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